Adrienne Hill

Not a Ghost of a Chance: A spirited journey into ghostly photography.

Adrienne Hill, a seasoned photography hobbyist, was taken aback when she discovered, upon joining the Guerilla Skepticism on Wikipedia project, that various artifacts and techniques commonly understood by photographers were attributed to spirits by many individuals. Adrienne will delve into the history of spirit photography and explore some of the current ghostly photographic trends. She may even include a true, spine-tingling, organic ghost story.

Adrienne Hill is a retired high school mathematics teacher who fills her time as a Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia editor, board member of Susan Gerbic’s About Time non-profit organization, Skeptic Zone reporter, and co-chair of the Western Canadian Reason Conference (WeCanReason) which is held in Calgary, Canada at the beginning of May each year. She has written articles for AITP Comics, The Skeptic (Australia) and Skeptical Inquirer magazines. In addition, Adrienne is a board member and speaker for the Tourette OCD Alberta Network and a wannabe photographer, capturing one blurry bird picture at a time.